The U.S. Underwater Glider Workshop was the event which led to the Underwater Glider User Group. The workshop was held January 18-19, 2017 at the INFINITY Science Center, LA and served as a forum to strengthen coordination of underwater glider activities across the United States and beyond.

The workshop opened communication within the glider community via the following goals:

  • Sharing experiences and exchanging information on major advances in glider capabilities, operations, and data processing
  • Demonstrating how gliders enable new scientific breakthroughs for ocean research and operations
  • Identifying gaps and coordination opportunities for planning, operations, and resources to enhance technologies for regional, national, and global ocean observing needs
  • Assessing best practices for observations, operations, and data management applied across geographic and thematic boundaries
  • Designing the scope and aims for a coordination mechanism, such as a Underwater Glider User-Group to advance the goals listed above

The report, which will be formatted as recommendations to the IOOC, is currently being drafted.

Workshop Materials:

  • Handouts
  • WS/Breakout Presentations*