Gliders are a unique and important observing system used to serve a variety of subsurface observing missions. Gliders can monitor water currents, temperature, tagged animals and conditions that reveal effects from storms, impacts on fisheries, and the quality of our water. This information creates a more complete picture of what is happening in the ocean, as well as trends scientists might be able to detect. These versatile vehicles collect information from deep water, as well as at the surface, at lower cost and less risk than ever before. As scientists deploy more gliders, they are revolutionizing how we observe our ocean. These robots propel us closer to that revolution.

The Underwater Glider User Group (UG2) is a community-based coalition aimed at bolstering scientific collaboration and information/resource sharing for glider operators, data users, manufacturers, academia, and government agencies.The overarching goal of UG2 is to establish a community that facilitates sharing and cooperation through:

  • Sharing experiences related to glider and sensor technology,
  • Communicating the most recent scientific and operational accomplishments,
  • Sharing approaches to logistical and operational challenges,
  • Comparing approaches to handling data collected by gliders, including quality control, formats, and distribution,
  • Disseminating news about opportunities and needs for gliders, and
  • Collecting, developing, vetting, and communicating recommendations on best practices to a growing glider community.

The newly inducted Steering Committee will lead the UG2 by providing vision, support and guidance for advancing an active, widespread community of glider users that promotes ocean information, innovation, and integration. For more information on the Steering Committee, click here.