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Open Jobs

Robots4Whales Research Technician position at WHOI

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is currently searching for a Research Technician to join the Biology Department and lead field operations for Dr. Mark Baumgartner’s Robots4Whales program (robots4whales.whoi.edu), which uses long-endurance autonomous platforms (gliders, buoys, profiling floats) equipped with passive acoustic monitoring instrumentation to transmit whale detection information to shore in near real time for review and dissemination to academic, government, conservation and industry stakeholders. Whale detections from the Robots4Whales system are used on the U.S. east coast to trigger NOAA Slow Zones for Right Whales, on the U.S. west coast to reduce ship strikes of blue, fin and humpback whales as part of the Whale Safe program (whalesafe.com), and in Canada to trigger mandatory restrictions of ship speeds and closure of fishing grounds to protect North Atlantic right whales.  Applicants should at least have a Master’s degree in related field (e.g., oceanography, biology, acoustics, or engineering), or Bachelor’s degree in related field plus three years’ related experience, or Bachelor’s degree in non-related field plus five years’ related experience. The successful candidate should be proficient in basic electronics, have experience working with instrumentation and/or autonomous platforms (particularly Slocum gliders), and have worked at sea. 

More information can be found here.

Research Assistant in the Geochemical & Environmenal Research Group at Texas A&M

Texas A&M is seeking a Research Assistant in the Geochemical & Environmenal Research Group. The Research Assistant will perform skilled, administrative, and managerial support in research. They will plan and direct certain phases in a research project. The Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) is a center of excellence in applied geosciences within the College of Geosciences of Texas A&M University. GERG, founded in 1981, focuses on applied interdisciplinary research in the ocean and environmental sciences. As part of GERG’s mission in education, graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to interact with GERG’s scientists and staff in their study and research.

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