Glider Best Practices

Collaboration is key in identifying best practices. The Intergovernmental Ocean Commission (IOC) adopted the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) as an international project co-sponsored by the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE).

OBPS supports the entire ocean community in sharing methods, developing best practices and capacity development in their use. Use the OBPS search below to view and share glider best practices.

G1 Slocum Pressure Sensors V1
G.Krahmann, GEOMAR
Slocum gliders manufactured by Teledyne Webb Research are usually equipped with two independent pressure sensors. Data from these two pressure sensors have different peculiarities. The problems are somewhat convolved and not always easy to separate. The following paper describes the problems and gives some possible ways to mitigate them.

Manual for QC of Gliders Data
IOOS Program Office
This manual on the Glider Data Assembly Center (DAC) describes the tests required to ensure the quality control (QC) of real-time data collected by sensors attached to profiling gliders.

Melany Belzile - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Detailed descriptions on protocols for Slocum Glider from shore side preparation to recovery. Includes Radio Connection to Glider, Ethernet Cable Connection to Glider, Opening the Glider at the Front, Ballasting , Compass Calibration, Simulation, Loading raw (delayed) data, Before a deployment, Euipment to bring onboard, Deployment, After first dive, During Mission, Recovery, and On land.

SAMS Seaglider Pilot Handover Checklist
North Atlantic Glider Base (NAGB)
Details on SAMS Seaglider piloting instructions - Revised January 2019 (Disclaimer: this checklist is for SAMS internal use only. It includes basic tasks to be carried out by the glider technicians/operators but might omit some higher-level tasks carried out by the glider manager.)

Rutgers Gliders Check Sheets 3.0
Rutgers University
Detailed checklist for glider preparation and deployments.

SAMS Seaglider Predeployment Checklist
North Atlantic Glider Base (NAGB)
SAMs pre-deployment checklist worksheet.

AMLR Best Glider Practices
Best Practices used by the U.S. AMLR Program during the 2018/2019 Antarctic glider deployment. Goal: to create a reliable system for instantaneous situational awareness while executing missions and reacting to problems using a combination of internal controls and critical external resources.

AMLR Glider Deployment Script
Pre-deployment and deployment script/worksheet of actions as formatted below:

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