The UG2 was a recommended outcome of the U.S. Underwater Glider Workshop in January 2017. Attendees of the workshop strongly emphasized the need for a user group to exchange information on glider capabilities, scientific and operational accomplishments and challenges, data handling, and opportunity areas for glider applications. As outlined in the U.S. Underwater Glider Workshop report, the proposed UG2  would act as a galvanizing entity of the U.S. glider community to encourage this information exchange. 


The overarching mission of an Underwater Glider User Group is to establish a community that facilitates sharing and cooperation in the following areas:

• Share experiences related to gliders and glider sensor technology

• Communicate the most recent science and monitoring objectives accomplished using gliders

• Share approaches to logistical and operational challenges

• Compare approaches to glider data handling, including quality control, formats, and distribution

• Provide a means for ongoing communication about opportunities and needs for gliders

• Collect, develop, vet and communicate recommendations on best practices to a growing glider community and a developing national glider network.

This list is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive, as the main objective is to form an inclusive community.

Steering Committee: 

The UG2 Steering Committee, established in 2020, represents various facets of the community and works to provide vision, support and guidance for advancing an active, widespread community of glider users that promotes ocean information, innovation, and integration.