Upcoming Workshops

UG2 Workshop Seattle ’22 

    Sept 20-22, 2022 | Seattle, Washington, US

    The third UG2 workshop will help strengthen and coordinate underwater glider activities for marine monitoring, services, and scientific research as well as provide an opportunity for collaboration between U.S. UG2 and the broader global community. The goals of the workshop are to:  1) share research and development accomplishments across the community and 2) refine and build-on deliverables for the Underwater Glider User Group. 

    This in-person workshop will be hosted at the University of Washington Botanical Gardens from September 20-22nd. We hope to bring together the global underwater glider community to strengthen international collaboration through community dialogue, exchanges of information, sharing of experiences, and development of best practices to support the glider community. The event will consist of plenaries, break out sessions, glider lab tours, and poster sessions and vendor booths spread out over 2.5 days. For more information, please visit the workshop page